You can return or exchange the product if you received it in the following cases:

  • Incorrect product, that means, different from the offered product (if the product is not used, in proper original packaging and has all labels).
  • Flawed/ Damaged Product (Open-packaged products will be accepted if different from description or picture displayed and includes all tags and in original undamaged packaging).

You cannot return or exchange in the following cases:

  •  If you change your mind about the product (Note that we contact the customer and confirm his order, after the purchase from the site).
  • All our jewellery items have a 7-day replacement warranty from the date of purchase in case there is any manufacturing defects.
    Repair Warranty is offered on most of our jewellery products, and it must be announced in our website
  • The warranty period is six month or one year depends on the product and it is from the date of purchase and includes repairing the item if there is no breakage or misuse by the customer.
  • The repair period will be 15 days from the date, of receiving the product from the customer.
  • The customer must bring the product to the company for the after-sales department, whether for repair or replacement.
  • In case the customer does not want to bring the product to our company, we will coordinate with one of the delivery companies and the customer must pay the full fees.
  • Replacement Guarantee: The product is exchanged for one time only during the guarantee period, which is according to the customer’s determination of one or two years.

This service is a replacement service for a certain amount of money for some jewellery items and it is either mentioned in the website, or it is offered to the customer by the sales team.
The replacement warranty period is one or two years, depending on the product and according to the client’s request, and it includes replacing the item if there is no breakage or misuse by the customer.